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Lead by 18 Title

Be the Leader by 18

From the Habits of Individuals to Organizational Power

  • Individual Motivation
  • Collaborative Teams
  • Your Team vs. The World
  • YOu as a Visionary

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    Why “Be the Leader”
    when we have
    “Be the Boss”?

    What a great question. For starters, where Be the Boss is about the emotional aspects of leadership, Be the Leader goes explicitly into the sociology that drives both the tactical and strategic aspects of leadership. Be the Boss was built to help grade school kids learn the emotional roots of leadership, and give them up to six years to build the emotional habits of leadership. Be the Leader will help young adults add super-powered techniques to that emotional basis so that they can build superlative success for themselves and the people around them.

    We will begin publishing the ebook series Be the Leader by 18 in 2020. As part of our Gifted and Talented Power concept, we view preparation for early adult living as an important part of self-empowerment. The aim is to optimize the enjoyment of one's gifts and talents through life by avoiding common, time-consuming mistakes and by building life strategies that draw financial value from your gifts.

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    Your Life Now — Your Life Always

    Be the Leader by 18 Cover

    Enjoy life responsibly.


    Don't paint yourself or anyone into corners.


    Aim for a better future.

    Be the Boss by 12, Volume Zero: Parents' Prep
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