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Change the World by 22

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    Look, Planet Earth, per se, doesn't care whether human beings completely wreck the thin layer where living conditions exist. But human beings should, shouldn't they? And why is it that, at least in America, the economically powerful people just don't get it that if people can't afford to live, they will in fact die. If these people get desperate, a large scale revolution would be ugly.

    OK, it's not just all gloom and doom. Many of us can undertake missions that generate huge aesthetic improvements in all of our living conditions. Make the world look, sound, smell, taste, and feel better in uncountable ways. We gifted and talented people have not yet begun to scratch the surface of how our missions can change the world.

    We will begin publishing the ebook series Change the World by 22 in 2021. As part of our Gifted and Talented Power concept, we view preparation for early adult living as an important part of self-empowerment. The aim is to optimize the enjoyment of one's gifts and talents through life by avoiding common, time-consuming mistakes and by building life strategies that draw financial value from your gifts.

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