About Us

Digital Clones, Inc. is a media production company specializing in leadership self-training content.  The Digital Clones Team contributes insight from an interesting variety of leadership models.  These cover a wide range of levels in government/public sector management, research center leadership and management, pastoral leadership and other models for voluntary organizations, middle management in large organizations, and entrepreneurship.

In the current age of specialization, Digital Clones is discerning a need to build an interest in leadership among today's gifted and talented children.  Our comprehensive Gifted and Talented Power Series is our response to that need. Aimed at bright children and adolescents from ages 10 through 22, we help these growing people learn how to apply leadership skills to improve their lives, and the lives of those around them.

We have also found that our first ebook series offering, Be the Boss by 12, provides great self-training in leadership skills for people of every age group.  Even experienced managers and business leaders have expressed great surprise at how much they've learned when we present materials based on this series.

The Gifted and Talented Power Series by Digital Clones, Inc.

(Be the Boss by 12 is rolling out now; Understand Life...in 2019; Be the Leader...in 2020; Change the World...in 2021.)