Life by 16 eBooks

Life by 16 eBooks

Lifestyle Ideas for Gifted and Talented High Schoolers

Understand Life by 16

Many of my grown-up gifted friends share a complaint about their upbringing.  There was so much emphasis on giftedness that no one gave them guidance about life as a grown-up.  It seemed like it was more or less assumed that a gifted kid is also smart enough to figure out adult lifestyle issues on their own.

It may be true that most gifted kids are capable of figuring out how to approach adult living.   But it takes time to work through those issues, and if no one counseled the gifted kid to take the time and figure it out, or better, to mentor the kid toward successful adult living, then there probably was no explicit thinking or planning about life after high school or college.

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You might ask, “Isn't successful adult living assured for the gifted kid?” The answer to that is, “Absolutely not!”  The most common foible is that the gifted person spends so much time building on and enjoying the gifts that they don't learn how to apply the wisdom needed to interact successfully with people.  This under-appreciation for relationship skills, bargaining skills, and conflict utilization skills holds a very high percentage of gifted people back from enjoying great personal and professional benefits from their gifts.

Understand Life by 16 is a series of ebooks that will explore big clusters of ideas ranging from the basic realities of biological existence to becoming a driver for political and world change.  The key method is to present the main issues in six major topics affecting adult living as objectively as possible, then apply the system of S-rules and I-rules developed in Be the Boss by 12 for making personal choices within those topics and issues.

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