Boss by 12 eBooks

Boss by 12 eBooks

The Leadership eBook Series for Gifted and Talented Grade School Kids

Be the Boss by 12

Based on decades of experience with gifted and talented people in the physical sciences, the social sciences, and in the performing/musical arts, Be the Boss by 12 is an ebook series built explicitly to guide the gifted and talented child up from grade school to successful adult living.

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You might ask, “Isn't successful adult living assured for the gifted kid?” The answer to that is, “Absolutely not!”  The most common foible is that the gifted person spends so much time building on and enjoying the gifts that they don't learn how to apply the wisdom needed to interact successfully with people.  This under-appreciation for relationship skills, bargaining skills, and conflict utilization skills holds a very high percentage of gifted people back from enjoying great personal and professional benefits from their gifts.

Be the Boss by 12 solves these types of issues by guiding the gifted reader through a basic understanding of the way people work. A simple method for observing and interpreting the behavior of people is used to build leadership skills. The gifted reader is frequently reminded to apply their gifts broadly to understand people and learn to work effectively with anyone who needs the benefits of their talents.

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