• Facing Challenges Whether You Chose Them Or Not

Facing Challenges provides conversational, yet methodical, coaching for those who find themselves in the midst of change.  Any change.  Dr. Meylan provides a flexible system of principles and steps to guide you  through life to the achievement of your next big goal.

I wish I had been aware of “Facing Challenges” back in 2012, when I overcame the biggest challenge of my life – retiring from the military, losing my wife to a sudden illness and becoming the sole caregiver of a child with significant disabilities. Many of the tools Tom provides I had to discover the hard way, and although I won’t say my life would’ve been “easier,” I do believe I would’ve understood what I was experiencing better and the cycles of fear/grief/anger/hope would not have been so pronounced.

Eric JorgensenDirector of Financial Services, TurningPoint Financial

Paperback: 110 pages

Publisher: Digital Clones, Inc., March 26, 2009

ISBN-10: 1442101104

ISBN-13: 978-1442101104

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Facing Challenges Whether You Chose Them Or Not

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