• Facing Challenges Whether You Chose Them Or Not

Facing Challenges provides conversational, yet methodical, coaching for those who find themselves in the midst of change.  Any change.  Dr. Meylan provides a flexible system of principles and steps to guide you  through life to the achievement of your next big goal.

Short, succinct, and crystal-clear coaching.  Anyone who reads, follows, and understands [this] strategy of developing self-reliance, personal responsibility, and adaptability cannot escape achieving everything they want, regardless of the 'apparent' current conditions.  This will be required reading for all of my associates!  Bravo!

Jeff Loether, ISHC, President, Electro-Media Design, Ltd.

Paperback: 110 pages

Publisher: Digital Clones, Inc., March 26, 2009

ISBN-10: 1442101104

ISBN-13: 978-1442101104

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Facing Challenges Whether You Chose Them Or Not

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