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Some parents think having a gifted/talented kid is a blast.  Some parents think it's a special accomplishment.  Some parents are crushed with anxiety about screwing up a special kid.

The emotional states generated by parenting are all over the map.  Maybe on any given day, you feel like you're all over the map.  Well, on those days when it seems like the kid is just pushing your buttons because they can, you can change your response from, “Because I said so,” to

“So you can become a successful grownup!”

It helps everybody focus on what's really happening, anyway.  The kid wants to grow up.  You want the kid to be a success.  Nothing left to push. (Yes, an exaggeration, we know!)

Be the Boss by 12 - Parents' Prep lays out the basis for guiding your gifted/talented child into an understanding of social behavior.  We start with the big picture issue: the classroom.  We move into group habits and the personal habits on which they're built.  Then we spend a lot of time on this interaction between personal habits and how they can be managed to change team and group behavior.  This is the heart of powerful leadership skills, and your child can learn them at their own pace, one ebook in the series at a time.

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Be the Boss by 12 - Parents' Prep - MOBI

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