• Be the Boss by 12 - Time to Be the Boss - AZW3

“Hey, I'm just a kid!”

Yep, can't argue with that.

But if you're like I was in that 10-12 year old range, you are already wondering about the steps it takes to “move” into the grown-up world.

What I'm going to suggest is that you don't just “let things happen.”  Since you are gifted/talented, I'm going to suggest that you make things happen!

At this point in life you've probably already heard the word “self-empowerment.”  That means you give yourself permission to control the way your life goes.  It's a process you use to figure out what skills you need to learn, and that gives you the motivation to stick to it.

The most important skills for building success probably won't be the skills you enjoy the most as a gifted/talented kid.  The most important success-building skills are all based in understanding how people work.  How they work when they're all alone, and how they work when they're in a group.  And, the more you understand about people, the better you can lead them, and manage them.  Even if you don't lead a team or a group, you can persuade people to do what you want more effectively the better you understand them.

So, this ebook shows you a little bit about the plan that should give you self-empowerment.  Why it's important for you, and why it might be important for the world you live in.  It's time to be the boss, kid!



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Be the Boss by 12 - Time to Be the Boss - AZW3

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