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Facing Challenges Whether You Chose Them or Not

A Short Guide to Mental Toughness and Finding Life's Opportunities

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Learn the habits of:

  • Self-reliance

  • Personal Responsibility

  • Adaptability

and create the mental toughness you need
to generate your own opportunities.

Tom's latest book is one of those rare self-management books that gives readers practical tools to move out of the problem and into the solution. Tom's building blocks move the reader from awareness to action, regardless of the challenge. His no-nonsense style is refreshing as is his message of self-responsibility and focus.
Jim Burke, Manager - Futures, Forecasting, and Change Management, Northrop Grumman

Table of Contents

  1. Mental Toughness Point A
    - Preparing to Meet a Challenge
  2. Building Self-reliance,
    Personal Responsibility, and Adaptability
  3. Using Goals as Tools
  4. Stretching Your Worldview
  5. Mapping Your Skills to Your Challenges
  6. Planning - Matching Skills to Situations
  7. Building Instruction Lists
    - Execution by You and Your Helpers
  8. Beating False Starts, Barriers, and Setbacks
  9. Mental Toughness Point B
    - Finding Life's Opportunities

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