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Green Energy Power Unit

Videos as Mental Restoration Art

The Green Energy Power Unit's first high definition video album If a Leaf Falls in the Woods... is now available. It can be used for...

  • Room ambiance

  • Personal background music

  • A passively directed exercise to refresh and re-energize

From The Green Energy Manual

The mental restoration art produced by The Green Energy Power Unit is built upon a number of "Back to Nature" concepts. It's about the relationship between Nature and the Human Body. The most important connection between Nature and Your Body is Your Brain...

Your brain processes multiple channels of information simultaneously in order to select the next action to take. And if it determines that you don't need anything and you aren't threatened by anything, then it puts you into a state that is emotionally neutral, with a touch of alertness in case something changes near you.

However, there are a couple of glitches created by modern living that prevent many of us from experiencing that emotional neutrality... (Read more)

Download The Green Energy Manual now.

(Video programming for personal development education is currently under design.)

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Green Energy Power Unit
Videos Books Blog Freebies
Leadership Development Personal Development Owta Bownz Contact Us
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