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If a Leaf Falls in the Woods...

A Few Turns

Just make believe. The path has long, easy turns. Your pace slows down. Your eyes point up.

The blue in the sky is getting richer. The colors on the trees seem brighter. The wind blows through lightly.

The walk loses effort. The air cool but comfortable. It is full of subtle scents.

With just a few turns a different view on life begins to appear.

The Play List

A Walk AwayPreview Purchase VideoPurchase Music
Between the WorldsPreview Purchase VideoPurchase Music
A Few TurnsPreview Now Playing Purchase VideoPurchase Music
Second SanctumPreview Purchase VideoPurchase Music
On Closer InspectionPreview Purchase VideoPurchase Music
Way InsidePreview Purchase VideoPurchase Music
Almost Time to GoPreview Purchase VideoPurchase Music
Woods and WindsPreview Purchase VideoPurchase Music
The Falling Leaf Jig/Jack Frost's JigPreview Purchase VideoPurchase Music
The Autumn Light WalzPreview Purchase VideoPurchase Music

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Green Energy Power Unit
Videos Books Blog Freebies
Leadership Development Personal Development Owta Bownz Contact Us
Digital Clones, Inc. The Store