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The LO+FT TM Leader

The Leader for Today Who Will Also Thrive Tomorrow!

Even the person who can attract followers through sheer charisma has to learn how to lead.

A good Bachelor's in Business or even an MBA only makes you a cookie-cutter player. You have to bring more to the table than a degree if you want to break out of the pack.

Or maybe you aspire to leadership in the public sector, perhaps even elected office. Good leadership might help you put a winning campaign together. It will take great leadership for you to leave a meaningful mark on history.

LO+FTTM leadership concepts are based on practices used in the American space program. This is where the most expensive and highest risk ventures of human kind have to work successfully the first time.

If you want to create your own competitive advantages during your entire career, you need LO+FT TM.

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LO+FT TM Leadership Series

Luck Optimization Plus Fault Tolerance

Optimizing Luck

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Videos Books Blog Freebies
Leadership Development Personal Development Owta Bownz Contact Us
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