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LO+FTTM and Resiliant Corporate Culture

We apply the LO+FTTM principles to kids' leadership for the same reason we apply it to adults: neither group has a real clue about the way the future will unfold. The great thing about training kids in LO+FTTM is that they get so many years to practice before they reach adulthood that they're really good at it. But we have ways to help the grownups catch up quickly.

Engagements to Help Organizations Grasp the Future

Some things actually are predictable, and the forecast doesn't take exhorbitant efforts. At NASA we frequently had the kinds of data that allowed us to determine when to expect certain kinds of satellite failures. You can save a valuable mission if you can plan with that kind of knowledge. Your leadership would benefit in very similar ways if you learned to examine the data in hand for clues about possible future events.

Engagements to Help Gifted Kids Build Future-Control

Just as most kids grow up completely facile with hand-held devices, gifted kids can become adept at reading the trends that will affect their futures. In addition to that, kids can be shown the trends that they can pursue to build the kinds of lives and careers that they want. First and foremost is the ability to engage and control all of the decision makers that they will encounter as they grow up and move into adult society. This is the first skill of self-empowerment!

Be the Boss by 12
Volume Two:
Building Habits to Win

How it works — The LO+FTTM Principle


Study the present very carefully
to build possible versions of the future.


Generate strategic options
based on those possible futures.


Work quickly to create long lead times,
and watch events carefully to select the best options.