LO+FTTM and the Adaptive Leader

Leaders Build Cultures
Cultures Must Be Adaptive

LO+FTTM means adaptability. LO+FTTM means continuous discovery. LO+FTTM means finding problems before problems find you. LO+FTTM means Luck Optimization Plus Fault Tolerance.

Finding “The Unknown Unknowns”

Adaptive leadership doesn't need to “get cute” about the difficulties contained within complex situations. Powerful leaders drill down hard to get the answers. One of the keys to big-picture adaptability is extremely responsive, tactical flexibility. The only way to keep making progress through the dark is to keep learning.

Knowledge: Key to Setting a Good Direction

People who can't analyze situations will speak of “paralysis by analysis.” People who can analyze situations blast out ahead of the pack. Not only that, but it's often the case that better informed teams generate longer lead times for spotting unforeseen changes. This speeds up the capture of opportunity. This strengthens the level of defense you can build against potential threats.

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Presentations on LO+FTTM in the C-Suite

We would also be happy to supply speakers to your organization to present on the principles of LO+FTTM and how to use them to solve enterprise-level problems, or generate strategic plans that win.

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LO+FT Leadership programming is aimed at building adaptive and innovative mindsets in up-and-coming leaders within any kind of organization.

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Defining the Two Sides of LO+FTTM
Luck Optimization Plus Fault Tolerance

Dr. Meylan: Jack, how do the two sides of LO+FTTM work together to deliver big value to an organization?

Jack Gates, President, National Captioning Institute: Most important is the fact that LO+FT is an approach for building adaptive systems. These would include all the processes, methods and procedures that an organization uses to conduct its business. Adaptive systems used to exploit new opportunities and advantages are the Luck Optimizing Systems. Adaptive systems used to defend against misfortune, or otherwise take advantage of what might usually be called disasters, are labeled Fault Tolerant Systems.


How it works — The LO+FTTM Principle

Optimizing Luck Cover

Study the present very carefully
to build possible versions of the future.


Generate strategic options
based on those possible futures.


Work quickly to create long lead times,
and watch events carefully to select the best options.

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