The Future, Your Gifted Child, and the World!

A Children's E-book Series for Life-long Empowerment

The general population is largely clueless about the significance of the gifted and talented experience. Decision makers are usually unable to grasp the opportunities that gifted and talented adults can generate for their organizations.

As parents and care-givers, we need to help a child shape their adult future to assure that the child can control the way their gifts and talents get bought and sold. The ebook series Be the Boss by 12 will give your child many great ideas to start using now, while still young enough to make them life-style habits. If we can teach our gifted and talented children how to create opportunities for themselves, they will in turn generate great numbers of opportunities for others!

Talented in the Arts

Instead of waiting to be discovered, your talented musician can learn to produce and promote their own concerts. Your fine artist can study Pablo Picasso not only learn about creative technique, but also copy Picasso's skills as the world's greatest self-promoting artist (why do you think everyone still talks about him?)!

Gifted in STEM

It is very common for STEM people to have their ideas stolen, or to be underpaid because they do not know how to stand up for themselves. STEM kids don't have to become business geniuses, but they can be trained to understand their true worth and negotiate salary packages or intellectual property rights to obtain the full value of their work.

"Small" is no barrier

Our research suggests that there are around 10 important social cues that a group uses to identify "the boss." Size is important only because it is so obvious. There are 9 other characteristics your gifted and talented kid can add together to overcome any issues related to size or strength.

Success for All

We're using the word "the boss" on purpose, even though it is currently a very unpopular idea. The big message in Be the Boss by 12 is to teach gifted and talented kids to be successful in a way that benefits everyone around them. We work hard to build "The Good Boss!"

The Gifted and Talented Power Series

From Self-Isolating Gifted Child to Force for Good in the World: The world needs gifted and talented heroes in leadership roles, not more people who think “rule of market” should replace “rule of law.” The heroes we need are those who can bring mighty intellectual powers into the near future, and we have the plan right here to do it.

Boss by 12 cover

Learn Early How
to Break Norms!

Mental Toughness
Habit Engineering
Attention Pattern Uses
Series Release 2018
Life by 16 cover

Build Happiness;
Avoid Pitfalls!

Human Drives
Relationship Realities
Long and Short Views
Series Release 2019
Lead by 18 cover

Operate in
True Leadership!

Bosses vs. Leaders
Drives and Teams
Collaborative Teams
Series Release 2020
World by 22 cover

Find and Work
Your Mission!

System Level Thinking
Mission Scope
Team Formation
Series Release 2021

Be the Boss by 12:
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SELECT YOUR ebook format to buy Parents' Prep, the guide to help parents understand the importance of leadership skills for their gifted kids' futures, and how Be the Boss by 12 will go about building them.

SELECT YOUR ebook format to buy Time to Be the Boss!, our invitation to gifted kids to add the self-empowering skills of leadership to their gifts and talents.

SELECT YOUR ebook format to buy Building Habits to Win, the gifted kid's guide to all the habits that affect life, and how to manage them.

SELECT YOUR ebook format to buy Build Your Own System of Rules, the gifted kid's handbook for creating rules of success for themselves and others.

SELECT YOUR ebook format to buy You and your Family's Habits, the gifted kid's handbook for studying family relationships as a way to understand the world.

Video Previews by Chapter

PLAY Video Previews for Parents' Prep, the guide to help parents understand the importance of leadership skills for their gifted kids' futures, and how Be the Boss by 12 will go about building them.

PLAY Video Previews for Time to Be the Boss!, our invitation to gifted kids to add the self-empowering skills of leadership to their gifts and talents.

Presentations to Help Today's Children Live in Their Future World

The people of Digital Clones would love to present to you topics on preparing gifted and talented children for their adult futures. Send speaking enquiries to Speakers At DigitalClones Dot Biz.

Boss by 12 Cover

Why a Book like Be the Boss by 12?

Erik Lenderman: Hi folks. My name is Erik Lenderman, and today I'm meeting with Dr. Tom Meylan, Ph.D., a former NASA astrophysicist. He's taken the span of his last 20 or 30 years of his career and published a number of books. The most recent book that will be coming out is called Be the Boss by 12, which is geared toward gifted and talented children in the Washington, DC, Montgomery County, MD, and surrounding areas. Tom, could you tell us a little bit about your professional background, your work as a Ph.D. in astrophysics, NASA, and how does this all connect, your life's work connect with gifted and talented kids?

Tom Meylan: Well, sure! Astrophysics, number one, is a lot of fun. It's very common that astrophysicists actually start out with this interest as a child. There are some folks who get into it a little later in life, but for the most part, there will be colleagues in astrophysics who will talk about, "Man, when I was five years old I would just look at the (night) sky and go bonkers." And they pursued that; it was a real passion for their life and their trajectory.

So, at the NASA environment you run into a lot of these life-long astronomers. It's a way of life. You start to look at these different people, and they way they were brought up. You know, you get to know these people after a while, and what their families were like. It was starting to become clear that different scientists brought a little bit "something extra" to the game if they also had science in their family background. There are many families like that here in the Montgomery County, Maryland region.

That was my first kind of clue that things like family culture, things like culture at school, have an effect on the way people pursue their career. Not only from a scientific interest standpoint, but how can they manage their careers? It was those differences from among the scientists, all great scientists, but some of them had a notion of where their career was going better than others.

So this is what's motivated me to look back at the way family and the way schooling affect a person's self-perception, and the self-empowerment they will bring to their own life over the long term.


Early Enthusiasm for Be the Boss by 12

Great book written for kids and teens that includes a lot of adult self-help and business ideas found in best sellers... Tom tells kids and teens about the importance of habits and how we use them to make judgement short cuts in a language they are familiar with... Helen Levy-Myers, CEO, Athena's Workshop and LinkedIn Manager, Leaders for Chronic Absenteeism Solutions
Instead of simply reading the pages, I also imagined applying them to my own life. Not only did it make me understand the text more, but on some level to understand myself. 12-year-old from Northern Virginia, note serving as backdrop to this section
I was 25 years into a successful IT career before I realized it was not my passion. I was able to shift to something that played to my talents and my desires. I wish I had learned to be my own boss at a much younger age. It certainly would have helped. John Robinette, Entrepreneur, Leadership Coach

How it works — Prepare a Genius for Adult Life

Boss by 12 Cover

The gifts will mostly take care of themselves.


Build emotional toughness
into the child's inner dialog.


Teach the child to project
the social cues of "The Boss."

Be the Boss by 12, Volume Zero: Parents' Prep
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